Affordable Healthcare

The top reason people declare bankruptcy in the U.S. is because of medical debt. For the richest country in the world, astronomical healthcare costs should not be a crushing burden on American families. From dealing with a life-threatening tumor in his teens to devoting his life work in the science and healthcare sectors, he understands that affordable healthcare is a basic and fundamental human right. Therefore, Eric plans to expand health coverage to Medicare for all, ensure economic security and restore stability within central Pennsylvania.

Improving Education

As a son of a local teacher and a product of central Pennsylvania’s public school system, Eric knows first-hand the importance of education in our community, economy, and future. However, there are severe disparities in educational opportunities between zip codes. Therefore, Eric opposes policies that divert funding from public schools to private institutions. He believes in offering diverse, comprehensive curriculums for students and believes funding should be structured to provide quality K-12 education for all. Eric is committed to lowering the burden of student loans on prospective college students. Achieving advanced education should not be impeded by the price tag.

Opioid Epidemic

The magnitude of the opioid epidemic is a serious and challenging public health problem, yet there is a lack of evidence-based policies and programs that effectively address prevention, harm reduction, and treatment. There must be vigilant effort to inhibit opioids from devastating communities and tearing families apart. Eric plans to educate the public about the dangers of opioids through implementing more Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and increasing the availability of Medication Assisted Treatments. Eric plans to make it easier to get help rather than to get high.

Income Inequality

The socioeconomic gap is the widest it has been since the 1920s. Therefore, Eric plans to address income disparity and improve working conditions. His goal is to implement policies that support the American Dream and strengthen the hard-working, Pennsylvanian middle-class. Eric is dedicated to expanding economic opportunity by bridging the gender pay gap, too. First, Eric will address income inequality. Second, Eric will improve working conditions and ensure equal opportunity for all to succeed.


As a son of Chinese immigrants, Eric recognizes the importance of fostering immigration reform. First-generation Americans are an asset to our nation and are vital in cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, Eric is dedicated to embracing multiculturalism and keeping the American Dream alive through protecting family unification, preventing exploitation, and promoting integration of immigrants into U.S. society.

Women’s Issues

Eric Ding believes that women’s rights are human rights. Eric believes in a woman’s right to choose. It is not the government’s place to tell a woman what choices she can make with her own body. As a public health scientist, Eric knows that there is a direct link between reproductive rights and economic mobility. Eric strongly supports equal rights for women. He’ll fight for equal pay, maternity leave and protection from discrimination. He supports believing women and giving them safe and effective ways to report unacceptable behavior. Eric believes the #MeToo movement is one of the great civil rights movements of our era and we must move this issue forward at the legislative level.


Eric is committed to the equality and inclusion of LGBTQIA Americans in all aspects of life from fighting against discrimination in employment and at businesses to protecting the right of gay and lesbian families to adopt and raise children. Eric will stand up to the homophobic pressure that has tragically led to the suicide rate for LGBTQIA children being many times the national average. Eric believes that Americans, regardless of how they identify, should be allowed to serve their country in uniform and will fight against Trump’s unjust trans-ban in the military. Eric is dedicated to representing and serving the LGBTQIA community fairly and equally.


Eric knows that for our communities to be healthy, our environment must be healthy. That belief was why he created Toxin Alert to let communities know if their water is contaminated. In Congress, Eric will fight to get dangerous chemicals out of our communities and under control. Our wild spaces are a treasure for future generations. Eric will work hard to make sure we use science-based evaluation methods to figure out how to best utilize our natural resources without causing damage to the planet. We need to balance the shift to a renewable energy-based society, with safely using the resources we have now.